Projeto Paradiso

Projeto Paradiso is an initiative of the Olga Rabinovich Institute that provides highvalue support mechanisms for Brazilian talents in the audiovisual sector, with a focus on fiction films and series that connect with their audiences.

We invest in professional training and capacity building through fellowships, mentoring programs, workshops, seminars and studies, nurturing a network of professionals in Brazil.

Focused on internationalization, we work through partnerships with well-known institutions, thereby connecting national talent with training and business opportunities around the world.

If you have any inquiries about our programs, please write to us at [email protected]


Talent development for audiovisual professionals

Paradiso Incubator

Project Development

Our incubation program provides customized support for the development of Brazilian projects in fiction and animation feature films that stand out in important labs and markets, with a R$ 30,000 grant for the scriptwriter, as well as doctoring, mentoring, audience design consultancies and participation in international events.

Fellowships and Awards

Capacity Building and Internationalization

Paradiso Fellowships focus on professional training abroad and aim at developing talents both at mid- and senior levels.  In partnership with national entities, Projeto Paradiso also grantsmultiple awards.


Professional Training and Knowledge Building

Projeto Paradiso brings to Brazil the most innovative methodologies available to improve skills and knowledge in the audiovisual market.

Seminars and Reports

Data and Analysis

Projeto Paradiso promotes collective discussions of data and trends at the international level in order to increase the critical mass of the industry in Brazil.

Canal Paradiso

Knowledge dissemination


The professionals suported by Projeto Paradiso are part of the Paradiso Talent Network, which brings together people committed to disseminating and sharing knowledge, thus guaranteeing democratic access to their learning.

We believe in


The best agents of change and transformation are people. Therefore, we identify, champion and support professionals in order to leverage talents who will make a difference in the Brazilian market.


Thinking about the audience at every stage of the process, from creation to distribution, is keyfor the audiovisual industry to fulfill its mission: to impact people’s lives.

Art & Industry

An audiovisual work generates tangible and intangible cultural and economic values, and theseall play a key role in its success. We believe in the importance of integrating art, business and management.

Dialogue & Renewal

Listening to the demands, bringing new references and offering supports designed in partnership with the industry is our way of seeking concrete results that renew market practices.


Connecting Brazilian talents with each other and with professionals from around the world means promoting new learning and joint projects.  We want to strengthen a national network with projection both in Brazil and abroad.

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